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Carbon Fiber Earrings Big Tree of Life High Gloss Crystals

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The tree of life design that adorns these attractive drop earrings is accentuated with glimmering white crystals Swarovski. Crafted from shimmering real carbon fiber in the decadent drop style, Zak Code here present a gorgeously gleaming set of earrings that the stylish and sophisticated lady is sure to adore.



Carbon Fiber Earrings Big Tree of Life High Gloss Crystals

The symbol Tree of life represents balance and harmony in all worlds, connecting heaven, earth and the underworld. The ancient people believed that trees had several powers and were the source of all life. Our crafstmen were influened by these believes and they created our master peace jewelry – carbon fiber earrings “Tree of Life” with deep 3D high gloss finish and seven white Swarovski crystals for more glamour.
Your carbon fiber earrings “Tree of Life” will arrive in a convenient storage pouch and an elegant gift box.

The earrings can be combined with pendants or bracelets from the whole the collection “Tree of Life”.


  • Solid 16 layers real carbon fiber inlay
  • 3D High gloss finish
  • 7 white crystals from Swarovski
  • Stainless steel connector elements.
  • Dimensions of inlay: ∅ 60mm; 4mm thickness
  • Weight: 14 gr (pair)

Manufacturer: Carbon Touch Ltd, Bulgaria

Carbon Touch Ltd. is a Bulgarian company that owns the jewelry brand Zak Code. We use for our jewelry Swarovski® Branded Crystals bought from an official Swarovski Elements Reseller in Bulgaria. We are not affiliated with Swarovski neither are an authorized reseller of Swarovski® products. Swarovski is under no obligation to repair, replace, or otherwise service products sold by us. The trademarks of Swarovski® are the registered trademarks of Swarovski AG.


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