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Carbon Fiber Bracelet Butterfly

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This open cuff is carefully molded from real carbon fiber with encrusted crystals. It is an eye-catching bangle made for a glamorous finish to any outfit and a fine addition to any collection.

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Carbon Fiber Bracelet Butterfly

A modern piece of real carbon fiber jewellery, the design features an open-end fit and a matte finish that adds texture to the look. The fashionable piece will stand out on sleeveless or cropped-sleeve ensembles.

The bracelet is solid, made of 8 layers of real carbon fiber with 35 white crystals from Swarovski® on the surface. Delivered in a convenient storage pouch and an elegant gift box.


  • Solid 8 layers of real carbon fiber bracelet
  • Premium finish – matt
  • 35 white crystals from Swarovski® (∅ 3mm)
  • Weight: 5 gr
  • Bracelet dimensions: Width 2cm, 2 mm thickness

Note: It is possible to order different sizes of bracelets.

Please measure your wrist tight with thread and ruler and choose the appropriate size for you from the drop-down menu. PLEASE DO NOT ADD EXTRA SPACE. We will add extra length depending on your size. If you wish you could enter your wrist size for the perfect fit as a comment in your order.

If you are buying for a present you can see some standard guideline instructions Size Guide.

Manufacturer: Carbon Touch Ltd, Bulgaria

Carbon Touch Ltd. is a Bulgarian company that owns the jewelry brand Zak Code. We use for our jewelry Swarovski® Branded Crystals bought from an official Swarovski Elements Reseller in Bulgaria. We are not affiliated with Swarovski neither are an authorized reseller of Swarovski® products. Swarovski is under no obligation to repair, replace, or otherwise service products sold by us. The trademarks of Swarovski® are the registered trademarks of Swarovski AG.

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XXS 12.0-13.5 cm, XS 13.5-15.0 cm, S 15.0-16.5 cm, M 16.5-18.0 cm, L 18.0-19.5 cm, XL 19.5 – 21.0 cm


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