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Key chains

Carbon Fiber Key Holders

The keychain is an item that is often undervalued even though it serves the important purpose of protecting your access to all the buildings, cars, or other lock-related things you use throughout your life. The house key, the car key, the office key, the post box key, all these need to be together making them easy to find, safe from getting lost, and at constant disposal 24/7.

What to look for in a keychain?

First and foremost – safety. No one wants a keychain with a loose or bad lock that your keys would fall out of and be lost. This would cause a lot of trouble and frustration of having to change locks, waste money, and get new keys.

The second thing to consider is the size. If you have two keys to hang on a keychain, one from your house and one from the office, then you don’t need to get a big-sized keychain and rip your pockets with it or get annoyed when it is taking too much space in your bag, for example. If you have a lot of keys to hang then make sure the size, you choose is enough to fit them.

Last but not least, you have to like how it looks. It sounds of less priority but in reality, it is not. This is an item that you will look at, at least twice a day, every day. You have to make sure it doesn’t create a negative emotion for you, just like you would if you are picking out a watch, a bracelet, or any type of fashion item.

What do we offer?

Our carbon fiber key chains are of different sizes, shapes, and models but have one common denominator and that is carbon fiber. Key accessories are an important attribute to modern living, so choosing the right one is also of great matter.

Luxury key holders are available for men and women at Zak Code online store at preferable prices. Models like a heart or a dice with delicate features, like Swarovski crystals are usually the lady’s choice as opposed to the custom key chains, branded original key holders, and car key chains that are more often chosen by the male customers.

Not that it is necessary but just to add some spice to the product pallet we have added to the production of key chains a high gloss finish on some models. Furthermore, we give the opportunity for a personalized key holder made as per your wishes. You don’t have to worry your trademark into reality any further, because we can put it on your carbon fiber key chain. That way you can have your own custom key chain and show it off to your friends.

    • ✦ Heart-shaped carbon fiber key chain with Swarovski crystals
    • ✦ Dice carbon fiber key chain with Swarovski crystals
    • ✦ High gloss key holder models
    • ✦ Big and small carbon fiber plate key holders
    • ✦ Custom made and personalized key chains and holders

Why choose Zak Code and carbon fiber keychains?

They are very light yet extremely durable, and you can feel safe with your keys. You have the opportunity to make your own idea of a key chain a reality. If you want to have your favorite car brand on your key chain or any other brand you just have to contact us. If you want to make a special gift to someone and you know that they are passionate about something you can let us know and we will put it on a key chain or holder.

Our prices are most competitive, and we invest great effort into creating favorable conditions and opportunities for our clients with constant price reduction campaigns and flexible return policies.