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Black Carbon Fiber Bracelets

Bracelets as opposed to necklaces give a lot more freedom in terms of wearing and choosing. They are gender-free, age-free, and dress code-free. They can be worn by men and women of any age and a bracelet will not impose limitations on your outfit, at least not as much as a necklace would. Like any jewel, the carbon fiber bracelet gives its owner a unique long-lasting feeling. At the time it was first purchased it is a sensation and in the long run, it keeps the flame burning every time you look at it or someone compliments you for it.

What is special about a carbon fiber bracelet?

High-tech materials of excellent quality are used for making the bracelet
Each product is of unique design and almost entirely handmade
This type of adornment steps out of the standard
Makes the difficult choice of a gift very easy

Zak Code online store provides men’s carbon fiber bracelets in a wide range of models at moderate prices. An advantage for men is that they no longer have to purchase heavy and expensive bracelets made of stainless steel, silver, or gold because carbon fiber is stronger than all of them and more durable. At the same time, it has a masculine look to it thanks to the black or graphite color supplemented by the unique male-oriented designs created by our professional craftsmen.

Another specialty of the Zak Code carbon fiber bracelets is the Swarovski black crystals elegantly encrust in some of the models. They shine like the ordinary ones but add a pinch of mystery to your look.

What to have in mind when choosing?

Statistics show that more than 90% of these kinds of choices are made based on “the grab”. What this means is that one makes their choice of jewelry based on the fact that when they saw the item it grabbed them. They instantly liked it and wanted it immediately.

Some of the best practices entail that even when you feel the urge to buy something you like you should take care to think about your comfort. Will it be comfortable for your everyday activities? Is it too big to fit under the tight sleeve of your new shirt, or will you have to take it off every time you wear it? Would that make you stop wearing it?

Think about how and where you want to wear it. If you need a decoration for a special event it will not be a problem if it is too big or shaped in a way that might interfere with your clothing, because you can hang in there for one night. A slick-looking, slip-on black carbon fiber bracelet with black crystals on it will make you shine.

However, during a day filled with morning jogging, commuting, working, dining, doing the laundry, fixing the sync pipe, and others, you would want something comfortable and at the same time good-looking. The stainless-steel carbon fiber bracelet or the paracord one are a good choice here.

Are you the distracted and forgetful type? If so, then buy something heavier with a secure clasp, so that you don’t end up losing or forgetting it. The carbon fiber anchor bracelet might be suitable for you.

Being the more cautious and attentive type gives you the freedom to choose something refined and elegant, which you will anyways take care of, due to your sophisticated nature. This allows you to enjoy the classy carbon fiber magnetic bracelet.

What models do we offer?

Trying to grasp the immense pallet of tastes is close to impossible, so a structure should always be present along with categorization. Types of bracelets and their characteristics can be commonly presented as follows:

Type Materials Style
Rope Surf rope and carbon fiber Casual
Braid Leather and carbon fiber Casual
Rosary Carbon fiber balls Casual
Ornaments Rope, leather, carbon fiber, crystals Casual, elegant
Slip-on Carbon fiber, crystals Casual, elegant

Each of our products comes with a certificate to prove the origin of materials and their quality.

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