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Carbon fiber Luxury Gifts

The term accessories carry a vast meaning and anything from a belt buckle to a hair clip can fall in. The actual substance of the word is adding something, some item most often to something else with the hope of making it more useful, practical, versatile, or attractive.

Vast meaning entails vast applications, so there are many aspects in which carbon fiber accessories can be of use. You can practically accessories your life with carbon fiber using many lifestyle accessories, like belt buckles, car key covers, mobile phone covers, cutlery, mousepads, business cards, and many more. You can even include your dog in this lifestyle by getting a dog bowl made of carbon fiber.

Why choose carbon fiber?

It might be because you are looking for luxury accessories at a good price or you insist on high-quality innovative material for all of your personalized accessories. Whichever it is, real carbon fiber accessories are the right choice because this material has it all. Extremely durable and chemical resistant, it has a distinguished look suitable for any taste and almost anything can be made out of it.

  • High durability (twice the stiffness of steel)
  • High chemical resistance (does not stain steel or silver)
  • Low weight (much lower than silver, steel, gold)
  • High-temperature tolerance

What does Zak Code online store offer?

  • Business cards;
  • Business cardholders;
  • Money clips;
  • Mousepads;
  • Staplers;
  • Key shaped USB;
  • Belt buckles;
  • Bottle openers;
  • Cutlery;
  • Dishware;
  • Trays;
  • Candleholders;
  • Wine holders;
  • Vases;
  • Custom made accessories;
  • Personalized accessories.

One great advantage of carbon fiber products is that they are great for gifts. This eliminates the frustration that we all feel when having to come up with a gift. If you are looking for luxury corporate gifts you can come up with an idea and give us a call. We can create something together.
When you need expensive gifts for men because you are going to a wedding with your buddies you can choose belt buckles or money clips with initials. The same goes for practical gifts for men. A carbon fiber key holder with initials is always a winning item.

Anniversary gifts are often harder to come up with than a birthday gift for example, but your idea and our technology can turn that burden into a pleasant task.

All the stylish gifts available at Zak Code online store can become personalized accessories thanks to our professional craftsmen and the innovative technology used for processing carbon fiber.

2 questions to ask when choosing a practical accessory for a gift:

Is it a personal or formal gift you need to make?

Giving your colleague earrings as a gift is not such a good idea. Earrings are personal pieces of jewelry and they depend on the taste. A wine holder made of carbon fiber however is perfectly suitable.

What does the receiver of the gift like to do?

If I hate skiing and someone gets me a skiing connected item that will most probably aggravate me. But if they get me carbon fiber sunglasses, so that I can wear them on the beach which is my favorite place to be, then that would make me happy.

Giving a carbon fiber money clip to a woman would be weird unless you are sure that she uses one or you somehow know that she likes that kind of stuff. Women usually carry their money in a wallet and not in their pockets, so a money clip is often obsolete to them.

These are just some examples to try and show the main point. No one enjoys useless gifts. Such a problem occurs quite often, that is why at Zak Code online store we have preferable return and exchange options.

Keep close and watch out for our special prices!