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Carbon fibre jewellery

Jewelry is what gives your outfit and your presence a finishing touch, but this purpose is way too simple to describe the vast application and use of jewels. Used as a symbol for conveying a message or as an addition to an otherwise simple-looking dress, a jewel is always necessary.

Since we are living in the age of emotional intelligence one of the characteristics of a jewel can be considered as important as any other and that is the happy factor. Buying and wearing a piece of jewelry makes one happy and brings a positive emotion to both men and women.

Having that in mind, let’s see what the Zak Code online shop has to offer.

What is carbon fiber jewelry made of?

Throughout history, people have used jewelry for many purposes. Cavemen and tribes would hang the teeth of their prey on their necks to show off their hunting skills. Tribe women make all kinds of jewels that had symbolic meaning using materials like ivory, amber, bone, wood, hair, shells, metal, and stone.

Later on, came precious and expensive materials like gold, silver, and the more sophisticated – diamonds. This caused a huge expansion in the world-wide jewellry business until the most recent times when technology came forth with new, less expensive, more exotic-looking materials that not only have a smaller footprint on the environment but can also help make clean energy technologies more efficient, durable and reliable.

Also known as graphite fiber, carbon fiber is a polymer, which is much stronger than steel and made of thin but strong crystalline filaments. The possibilities offered by carbon fiber in terms of manufacturing are immense. It can be thin as a hair, while stronger than steel. Hard shaped into almost any form or reduced to softness suitable for special clothing.

What is significant about the so-called black jewelry and its carbon fiber material?

  • High tensile strength and chemical resistance
  • High-temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion
  • Low weight and high level of stiffness

All the above qualities have made carbon fiber famous amongst industries like motorsports, aircraft, engineering, and the military.

Why choose carbon fiber jewelry?

Just like the diamond, carbon fiber jewelry takes a lot of craftsmanship and precision in order to accomplish its extravagant and elegant look. Using high-tech material is not enough to make a luxury product and satisfy the demand for a new modern appearance of a bracelet, for example.

Carbon fiber jewelry for men is a great choice because its color has always been attractive and preferred. The male massive designs and the solid material will not let a man down throughout any extreme sport or heavy-duty.

When we talk about carbon fiber jewelry for women the spectacular designs with crystals and stones offered by Zak Code add glamour to the material without compromising durability. If you are the artistic type you can choose from the available art jewelry or designer jewelry, which is available online at great prices.

Do not let the jewelry for him and her approach fool you because there are enough extravagant options to suit any taste.

Variety of products and their prices online

Surfing through the Zak Code online store you can find a variety of products and designs. Our experienced craftsmen have taken care to provide a wide range of:

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Keychains
  • Earrings
  • Cufflinks

All the materials used, like carbon fiber, stainless steel, crystals, and others, are carefully selected to be of the highest quality and guarantee value to your purchase.

Look around and choose from carbon fiber jewelry for men and women until you find your match. Regardless of the purpose of your choice, whether it is for a gift or your own pleasure our online store will help you achieve both with ease. We have considered our clients’ happiness not only by ensuring the quality of products but also with various seasonal price offerings and promotional campaigns.