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Welcome to Zak Code!

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Brand history

Zak Code  is a special jewelry brand for the lovers of the genuine carbon fiber. It was launched in 2018 by three enthusiasts Zory, Alexander and Kristina. Girls love jewelry and we both give the ideas for the models, but Alex knows how to work with carbon fiber. So one day our favorite hobbies become Zak Code carbon fiber jewelry brand.



All jewelries are handmade in Bulgaria, European Union. The collection includes a variety of styles that look good to everyone. The main collection contains carbon fiber necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key holders and cufflinks. In our collections we use genuine carbon fiber, original crystals from Swarovski® elements and stainless-steel fidings. Clients often wants to know if carbon fiber can change its colour or appearance in contact with sea or mineral water. The answer is “No”. It cannot change its appearance, but we recommend to take off your jewels if you put on sunscreen and bug spray. Lotions and sprays create a film on your jewelry, making it dull and dingy.


We selected a lot of classic shapes though the fans of extravagant and sophisticated jewelry can also find their favorite accessory here. Clients often ask us if there are other colours, but the real carbon fiber has this unique graphite colour, most known as the new black colour.

You will never go unnoticed with a carbon jewelry which will outlive everything on the market today since these accessories are made to be light, strong and stylish. We used timeless and memorable symbols such as the Tree of Life, the Heart, the Clover and many others to create our collections.


Tree of Life Carbon Fiber Jewelry Collection

Custom jewelry

If you have and idea for your own model and you are in love with the new generation high tech materials, please contact us at and we can try to made the perfect jewelry for you. We can customize the bracelets but adding real carbon fiber beads and putting some important words or names for you on.

Actually, as we mention, you won’t find colorful necklaces but you will surely make an impression with the high-tech carbon fiber material and the shimmering finish of the Swarovski crystals. Check out the whole collection of handmade carbon fiber jewelry Zak Code by clicking here.


Personalized paracord bracelet with carbon fiber beads



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